Seamlessly integrated, Retail AI automations simplify your work process

Drive more revenue and spend less time on chores.

Our unique algorithms constantly analysing to provide you with insights and suggestions to improve your business


Business AI

Sales and cost can be affected by a lot of factors - weather, local and world event, peak and off-peak hours, season etc. Our algorithm collects huge amount of related data for machine and deep learning to provide store owners with sales and cost predictions and impacts.


Operation AI

Every store owner wants to achieve some level of operational efficiency. Owners spend hours everyday trying to get the store running smoothly. Our AI engine will help to eliminate the daily chores, owners can once again enjoy running the business with staff auto scheduler, auto stock fulfilment, pricing suggestions and actionable insights.


Customer AI

From the data collected, we achieve a deep understanding of customer behaviours and customer potentials. We use insights of lifetime values, retentions, churn prediction and customer segmentation to built a personalised recommender system for up-selling cross-selling.

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Fully Utilise AI To Boost Efficiency and Increase Profit

AI features can increase speed, efficiency, and accuracy across every branch of retail business. AI engine uses advanced data and predictive analytics systems that are helping owners make data-driven business decisions.

Price Optimisation

Pricing decisions are critically important for any business, as pricing is directly linked to consumer demand and company profits. The price management process has to deal with many variables and use cases because pricing typically has a complex structure. Restailer POS uses historical seasonal data, competitor behaviour, as well as customer analysis to suggest product prices with a view to maximising revenue. 


Stock Fulfilment

For any business, the worst scenario is getting out of product inventory when customers are ready to buy your product. Keeping a stock of every item in store is another burden to carry for every business. Restailer automates the process based on your sale’s forecast and current stock conditions. Fulfilling on time and in full, while maintaining the lowest possible cost. 

Employee Work Scheduling

Automatically assign employee shifts for every role and skill to serve your customers within targeted service levels while satisfying to all relevant business rules and employee preferences.  


Complement Product Recommender

In simple words, complement product is “Frequently Bought Together” in many ecommerce websites.  By offering complement products, we can increase transaction amount per sale and higher conversion rate. This feature is designed to provide the user with suggestions for add-on items to the seed item that the user might not have thought of buying, thereby enhancing the user’s overall shopping mission and experience.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition supports several applications in Restailer POS.  Firstly, targeted customer service and discounts.  System recognise the customer once he/she walks in,  Restailer can start offering interested products or service based on their shopping history.  Secondly, facial payment can be easily supported.


Dynamic Promotion and Discounts

Restailer can help businesses provide targeted, more personalized discounts and offers that factor in shopper sensitivity and competitive elasticity, down to the store-item level.  The results is delighting their customers with meaningful, carefully crafted discounts and promotions.

Demand Forecasting

Many business decision are made based on the result of demand forecasting.  It is critical to accurately predicts the trend of each products the business sells.  Restailer’s deep learning algorithms will consider many more variables, work in much more detail and learn from past outliers in a way which traditional methods simply can’t address.


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