Restailer's Small Footprint is Perfect for Bars and Boba Shops

Restailer's popular POS system helps you run your bar like clockwork, grow your profits at the price you can live with

The Best Bar and Beverage Shop POS For Fast and Limitless Orders

Take orders and get paid in one device from anywhere and instantly send them to the bar - our point of sale will keep the party going

Simplified Staffing

Restailer’s user-friendly system minimizes trainig time, keeps track of the hours of your staff work, and identifies top performers.

Monitor Your Liquor

Restailer lets you track inventory down to the last drop and alerts you when stock is low to order more. 

Accept All Payment Types

Restailer doesn’t just give you more ways to get paid, it guarantees you the lowest integrated payment processing rate.

Track Every Transaction

Restailer’s secure system tracks all register transactions and records which employee gave discounts.

Tip The Bartender

Restailer helps you increase tips and saves your customers from doing math with suggested tip percentages.

Add Items to Checks Easily

Restailer makes it easy to add drink to tabs, and then split checks or payment methods whatever customer wishes.

Use Report to Grow

Restailer’s detailed sales and inventory reporting highlights the drink or menu items driving the most profits.

Tailer The POS to You

Restailer is fully customizable, from your register’s on-screen layout to pricing like happy hour menus or drink specials.

Assign Permissions

Restailer lets you decide which employees have access to sensitive data or managerial functions like work attendence.

Take Control of Your Cash Flow

Restailer lets you monitor multiple cash drawers from one place and consolidate cash at the closing of every shift.

What Are You Waiting For? See Restailer for Yourself Today!

Restailer's mPOS and low-profile all-in-one POS enables us to serve our customer quickly and efficiently.   Carry around mPOS with mobile payments saves us many trips to the register, it's loved by all our staff.


Coyotes Bar & Club

What Do You Sell? We Have The Perfect POS Solution for you

We understand that not every store has the same needs. We have pre-configured our POS system for whatever you sell.


Grow your bakery business with Restailer POS

Boba Shop

Grow your boba shop business with Restailer POS

Juice Bar

Grow your juice bar businesss with Restailer POS

Deli Shop

Grow your deli shop business with Restailer POS


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Restailer shop assistant is reinventing how POS is defined. Restailer is streamlining everything from ordering to predictive staffing and inventory, simplifying work for people at every level of the operation.  Powered by AI to boost sales and delight customers.