Restailer's Quick Service POS that keeps up with your business

Get the point of sale that helps you serve customers fast, ever time

Designed to be Quick and Flexible, Multiple Mode of Operation in Any Environment

Complete hands free operation, hear the customer payment made by scan of QR code

Easy, Speedy Service

Restailer lets you zip through transactions and keep those lines of customers moving all day, everyday. Give every customer an experience they all looking for.

More Ways to Get Paid

Your customers will appreciate you more by accepting all payment types – cash, credit card, Apple Pay and Mobile payments.  Plus, Restailer guarantees the lowest processing rate.

Hassle-free Online Ordering

Customers can place their orders online for pickup, and these order sends to POS in real-time for easy tracking and preparation.

Increase Tip Size

Restailer takes the guesswork out of tippng for your customers with customizable suggested tip amount at the payment screen.

Smart Inventory Management

Restailer’s real-time inventory management allows you to monitor items down to the last ingredient.  Set up reorder triggers to avoid unfilled orders.

Crucial Analytics

Don’t make decisions on a hitch, Restailer’s smart analytics empower you to make data-led business decisions.  Identify your top-selling items and adjust price to maximise profit.

Simple Staff Management

Restailer’s time clock tracks employees’ hours for you, and take all the guesswork out of payroll. You can see your employees’ sales, too, and recognize your top performing employees.

Flexible Loyalty Programs

Build your base of loyal customers by offering reward through our integrated customer loyalty program.  It’s simple to assign points to purchases and rewards can be redeemed right at your Restailer register.

What Are You Waiting For? See Restailer for Yourself Today!

We are a Quick Service Restaurant, our success is dependent on running fast customer transactions, and so busy that we have no free hands to operate the register.  When we were looking for new POS system for our new truck, the usability and flexibility of Restailer beats other solutions hands down.  We are running self-pay service all the time and we gain on revenue while reducing staff.


Jose's Taco Truck

What Do You Sell? We Have The Perfect POS Solution for you

We understand that not every store has the same needs. We have pre-configured our POS system for whatever you sell.


Grow your bar/pub business with Restailer POS

Ice Cream Shop

Grow your ice cream shop business with Restailer POS


Grow your concession business with Restailer POS

Deli Shop

Grow your deli shop business with Restailer POS


Check out more retail store examples here.


Restailer shop assistant is reinventing how POS is defined. Restailer is streamlining everything from ordering to predictive staffing and inventory, simplifying work for people at every level of the operation.  Powered by AI to boost sales and delight customers.