The Restaurant POS System Designed to Simplify Operation

Restailer’s point of sale system speeds up, simplifies, and automates restaurant operations so you can focus on what’s important.

Fast Food Service, Full Service, And Everything in Between.

Restailer for Restaurants is a point-of-sale platform built from the ground up with software, hardware, and payments to streamline your entire restaurant operation.

Simplify Your Inventory

Restailer’s inventory management tracks your raw materials down to ingredients level.

Build Your Menu Easily

Add new menu items, modifiers, and customize lunch and dinner sets.

Improve Tableside Service

Send food and drink orders right from the table separately to your kitchen and drinks counter using Restailer’s Point Of Sale.

Offer More Ways to Pay

Accept all payment types from customers, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payments.

Attract Regulars

Turn new customers into members, use loyalty programs and promotions to keep them coming back.

Increase Tip Size

Make tips easier for customers, and larger for servers, with customizable suggested tip amounts.

Sync Checks Across Registers

Keep all your checks in sync across all registers all at once so you can work from any registers without restriction.

Increase Profit Margins

Make profitable decisions continuously using vital data like top-selling menu items.

Help Customers Find You

Manage you restaurant’s online visibility across multiple websites from one place.

App Connects

Ready-to-use integrations to connect your favorite apps – Deliveroo, Foodpands, Xero and more.

What Are You Waiting For? See Restailer for Yourself Today!

Restailer has helped us evolve our pricing strategy. We also like that the software is affordable and extremely easy to use. As a growing business, we face many challenges. Restailer provides us with an affordable, simple solution that is really helpful to us.


Mother of Pizza

What Do You Sell? We Have The Perfect POS Solution for you

We understand that not every store has the same needs. We have pre-configured our POS system for whatever you sell.

Food Truck

Grow your foot truck business with Restailer POS

Fast Food

Grow your fast food business with Restailer POS


Grow your restaurant business with Restailer POS

Coffee Shop

Grow your coffee shop business with Restailer POS


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Restailer shop assistant is reinventing how POS is defined. Restailer is streamlining everything from ordering to predictive staffing and inventory, simplifying work for people at every level of the operation.  Powered by AI to boost sales and delight customers.