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Restailer is an AI-powered POS system to assist your sales and operation while optimising profits.

We have the right solution for any type of business

Your search for best POS system is over. From everything you need to latest AI functionalities. Restailer is the only solution you will need.

A Complete POS solution to help you grow

Designed for mobile transactions, O2O, SAAS integrations, stability, and AI-assisted operational management, Restailer will drive your business forward and exceed your goal.

Design for Easy to Use and Keep You Productive

Our user-friendly interface is design for fast use and easy to learn. Works seamlessly with ready-made hardware and tablets. Cloud based data structure can be access anywhere.

Setup Payments in Minutes

From accepting credit card to  mobile payments, we can help you to accept payments anywhere with our ready to connect payment providers or to build out a custom solution. 


Advanced Features, Automate Your Tedious tasks

Restailer’s POS solution is designed to make your work more efficient and productive.  Most customers are fine with our complete solution to run their store – POS software, inventory management, staff management, customer management and reporting that gives actionable insights.  More advanced AI features can be turn on at anytime – automations, work scheduler, pricing suggestions, dynamic offerings, stock fulfillments, industry insights and more. 

Brings Your Favorite Technologies together

We work with across iPad, Android Tablets and with integrated hardwares.  We are a native to internet platform that can easily connect to other popular SAAS services like payment, O2O, CRM, accounting, e-commerce, or to develop new module through our API. 


Help Is Always Available For Your Long Term Success

From setup to daily questions, we are here to help you succeed throughout your journey with Restailer.  Our support team is experienced and ready to provide answers to your needs.  In the case of capable individuals, we have library of guides and tutorials for you to learn how to maximise Restailer’s values.

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Restailer 店鋪助理重新定義 POS 店鋪收費系統。 Restailer 精簡了整個餐飲零售業務的營運流程,從最基本的收費、商品及庫存管理、原材料管理及訂購、員工出勤等等,到預測性員工配備及庫存的每個工序,簡化了每個營運級別人員的工作。POS 系統利用 AI 引擎推動,以促進銷售並吸引客戶為目標。






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